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How My School (VPM) has Transformed Me as a Person?

We often hear that ‘school’ is a child’s second home. A school is a place that decides a child's future, his/her entire career and overall way of living life. School is where a child grows up emotionally and physically, a place where he/she not only gains knowledge but also learns some basic ethics. No doubt why people call it a ‘second home’.

For me, personally, my school VPM has been a temple. In the sense , just how the way visiting a temple makes a person's inner soul calm and happy, every time I come to school I have the exact same feeling. I have been studying here since nursery and I’m almost about to pass out school in few months. It’s been almost 13 years of me studying in this school, and honestly, every passing day has brought a new lesson with it.

VPM- V.P.M’S International School’s moto itself is ‘Knowledge Is Power’, which definitely is directly proportional to all those new things I have learnt over the years. From Nursery To Grade 10, my school has played a major role in transforming me as a person . It has taught me some really important life skills that a person constantly needs in his/her life like leadership, decision-making, critical thinking, etc.

My transformation as a person In VPM in both academics and life skills has always been profound. Academically, this temple of knowledge has equipped me with such amazing subjects that I’m sure will definitely help me in my college. My teachers always gave their best to make my base so strong that I become capable of solving any complex problem in any subject. VPM being an English-Medium school has improved my English speaking and communication skills to such a great extent that I can confidently speak it anywhere and anytime. The variety of subjects that VPM offers is what makes it the best among all the schools. It gives students a broad subject knowledge so that he/she can easily figure out what stream he/she is interested in.

Beyond Academics , my school has played a major role in my personal growth. The interactions I have with my teachers and others have developed my communication and social skills. It has made me more confident, disciplined, empathetic and a responsible person. Participating in extracurricular activities organized frequently has taught me time management, facing hardships and perfecting my skills. The exams and laboratory practicals organized have made me learn the importance of patience and keeping myself calm in every situation. It has not only tested my knowledge but also made me realize that I’m capable of a lot of things.

Character development is another pivotal aspect of the positive impact my school has had on me. The emphasis on values such as integrity, empathy, and respect has helped shape my moral compass. I've developed a greater sense of social responsibility and a deeper understanding of the world around me.

In conclusion, my school has transformed me into a sensible, person with a high academic knowledge, essential life skills and an open minded perspective. The education I have received beyond my textbooks is something I’m going to cherish and look upon throughout my life.

- Aastha Haswani

X-A (2023-24)

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