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"Empowering lives through knowledge"

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Shri. Ramesh Chiniwar

Principal Speak
Mrs. Sandhya Sondur

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The world around us is rapidly changing. There are additions and replacements in technology. Nearly all sectors are now heavily influenced by digitization. Amongst all of this, if there is one thing that stays constant, that is the undisputed need for quality education. We at VPM’s Dolphin Kids and IAM International School recognize this need and work incessantly to ensure that all our students emerge as kind, confident, empathetic, and responsible individuals. Our carefully curated curriculum along with unique activities, encourages students to fully explore their academic potential and hone their talents. Our school motto of “Knowledge is Power” truly reflects our belief when it comes to education.

The brand of VPM’S stands for quality education which is accessible to all. Catering to a wide range of students coming from diverse backgrounds, our Institution at Airoli has risen to be one of the best ICSE schools of Navi Mumbai. Since our inception in 2005, our goal has always been to create the most conducive learning environment possible for our students. Our newly renovated school building is equipped with great infrastructure to enable contemporary teaching methods. Our dedicated staff is ever ready to accept challenges and focuses on “learning beyond school” as beyond school is where the application of learning lies. While imparting knowledge, they have an approach which is tailor-made to suit the overall development of each student as per their varying needs. 

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"Where quality education meets the foundation of traditions"

Kindness, curiosity and empathy. We thrive on them. At VPM, we ensure that our students have the most wholesome schooling experience.

Alumni speak-Testimonials from VPMites


Pranjalee Raj


"The teachers knew every student needs. Not only did my school provide me high quality education, but also many important values of service, humility, kindness and courage. My school has the most suitable environment for a student to learn and develop. It provides a competititve yet friendly student atmosphere."


Harirajan Manivannan


"Our school is well known for its facilities and activities which are frequently conducted. I remember those golden days when we used to participate in various kinds of competitions and events. I also recall those days where we used to have inter-class sports events. Oh, the thrill and the exhilaration are truly irreplaceable."


Prem Kumbhar

"The staff is excellent and the rules help to keep the school safe and in order. There is an equal balance of learning and reviewing information so that everyone gets what is to be done and there is tutoring if we need it."


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